Crucial Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Kitchen Area Cabinets

Painted kitchen area cabinets might look extremely basic on Pinterest– think of, simply a couple of coats of a brand-new color and your kitchen area will be improved in no time! In truth, painting kitchen area cabinets is a task that absolutely has numerous prospective risks.

With our suggestions on how to paint kitchen area cabinets, you’ll end up with an upgraded kitchen area you can’t wait to reveal off! And trust us, it’s worth the effort– painting kitchen area cabinets will definitely change your space.

You Avoid Identifying Where Your Doors, Drawers, And Hardware Go.

Since what as soon as was hung up will need to go back in the exact same location, it’s worth using numbered labels to assist you to keep in mind where whatever goes. You need to compose its specific area (believe “above the sink, left”) so there’ll be no thinking where it goes later on.

You Paint The Cabinets’ Surface Areas In The Incorrect Order.

Don’t simply leap right in: You ought to begin by painting the back of the doors rather of the front. Why? It will at least deal with the within of the cabinet due to the fact that if you turn the door too quickly and the paint spots.

How To Effectively Paint Your Kitchen Area In One Day

Step One: Phone A Friend

Considering that I have actually never ever painted anything bigger than my toenails– and a spotty task on those at finest– I need to the chat room to ask the guidance of my colleagues.

What, these are the sort of concerns you ask your entire business? Fortunate for me, the actions flooded in, and I had the ability to get some useful recommendations prior to I even took my very first journey to House Depot.

Step 2: Getting The Tools

Taking the guidance from the group, and I obstructed off our whole Sunday for painting the kitchen area. Our list was quite little as my mama provided us a substantial tarpaulin that she utilizes in her painting studio.

  • One gallon of white paint
  • 6 inch roller brushes with one extension arm
  • Two sorts of sandpaper (one strong and one light)
  • One plastic tray.
  • A container of sparkle.

Choosing on the type of paint to purchase was frustrating, and in the end, we went with a primer-based white. Considering that our pink walls were really light in color, there was no requirement to base the existing paint.

Step 3: Preparation.

Thanks to the guidance from my colleagues, we discovered that the most lengthy, bothersome, and aggravating part of the painting is the prepping of the space– however also that it’s the most crucial!

Next, we filled in holes on the walls. The house has actually seen its reasonable share of water damage and the like, so we utilized a load of sparkle to fill in any fractures or holes.

In a perfect world, you would do all of this preparation the day prior to really painting, which would offer the sparkling time to set and dry.

Step 4: Painting.

After preparing whatever for the real painting procedure, rolling it onto the walls was absolutely the most pleasurable part. We didn’t roll the brushes too quickly and entered a strong up and down movement. We didn’t need to paint more than a couple of coats to cover the old paint, and overcoming the speckled bits was extremely simple because they were sanded down.

Final Result

I might not think just how much of a distinction one coat of white paint might make on a kitchen area. The entire space feels cleaner and brighter than it did in the past, and despite the fact that we could not paint the cabinets, the location seems like it got a major upgrade.

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